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iPads: Special Education

Today, we completed an in-service on apps and wikis that would be helpful in special education. Please click on the following to see if you could benefit from these.

1. Toontastic
2. StoMo
3. NFB PixStop
4. ShowMe
5. Educreations

UDL (Universal Design For Learning)

iPad Apps Wiki

3D Engagement Wiki

Ask about Speak Selection on the iPad. You can set your iPad to read selected text. This is accessed through the Accessibility feature.

Read and Write Gold app

Online store for technology: Monoprice.com

iPad Stylus: Can be purchased at electronic stores or online. (Monoprice.com)

Student login for Red Deer Catholic:
Go to WI-FI and select WSTUDENT: a student logs in the same as they would log on to a Division computer.

Location Services
Keep Location Services on.

Turn on your pass code.

Creating a folder on your iPad
To create a folder, you press your finger on the app until it starts to wiggle and then drag it over another app you want in the same folder. You then can rename the folder if you choose.

Updating Apps
It is important to update your apps regularly.

Purchasing Apps
Use free apps first.

Organizational Apps
Paperport Notes
Quick Office HD
Scan App (QR Code)

QR Code Generator

App Rubrics
Tony Vincent
Kathy Schrock

Apps for children with special needs
Mobile Learning for special needs
Special Ed Apps
Top 10 Educational Sites for Apps
Best App Ever
Fun Educational Apps

What Makes a Good App

Rocket Speller

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